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Big Data on a Laptop: Tools and Strategies - Part 2 by Colin Davis · July 5, 2018
When you've hit the memory or storage limits of your local machine, it's time to look at more efficient data storage formats. Today, we explore Parquet.
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Big Data on a Laptop: Tools and Strategies - Part 1 by Colin Davis · May 25, 2018
Doing analysis on big data doesn’t have to mean mastering enterprise Big Data tools or accessing hundred-node compute clusters in the cloud. In this series, we’ll find out what your humble laptop can do with the help of modern tools first.
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Exploring Nicollet Island by MPC IT · December 21, 2015
Using MPC Data to Research and Visualize the Demographic History of Your Neighborhood.
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High Performance Analysis of Big Spatial Data by MPC IT · November 18, 2015
Our own HPC specialist Ankit Soni and the TerraPop team presented their published article at the IEEE Big Data 2015 conference in Santa Clara earlier this month.
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Data Product Spotlight: IHIS by Colin Davis · November 10, 2015
In this edition of the data product spotlight, Colin introduces us to IHIS, our health survey data product.
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Data Product Spotlight: IPUMS USA by Colin Davis · October 21, 2015
This edition of the Data Product Spotlight goes wayyy back to the very beginnings of the MPC and takes a look at our first and still most widely known data product, IPUMS USA.
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Data Product Spotlight: Current Population Survey by Colin Davis · September 30, 2015
Our newest data product spotlight shines on CPS, the federal government monthly survey on employment in America, among other topics.
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Data Product Spotlight: Series Intro and the American Time Use Survey by Colin Davis · September 16, 2015
Colin Davis launches a new series which will provide quick summaries of our microdata products from a developer perspective. In this first post, he introduces the concept then takes a look at the American Time-Use Survey.
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Keeping it Simple: Exploiting CSV and csvkit at the MPC by Ben Klaas · November 21, 2014
How we use csvkit to wrangle data around here.
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Introduction to Terra Populus by Alex Jokela · November 8, 2014
Harmonizing Data at the MPC by Colin Davis · September 23, 2014