Categories Explained

This blog is really a collection of sub-blogs. Some of us like to blog about team and culture topics, while others like to explore our unique data products, and still others just like to focus on the code. We’ve curated a small set of categories to help better organize our content and help you focus on the stuff that’s most interesting to you.

  • Code - Posts about code and share code snippets that we use to get work done around here.
  • Data - Posts that explain and explore the data that we offer.
  • DevCulture - Posts about work culture, our industry and community, and life as modern software developers.
  • Infrastructure - Posts that focus on the underpinnings of all this software - tools and processes that support of software development and data dissemination mission.
  • News - When our data makes headlines, we share it here. Also, news about the blog itself.
  • Team - Profiles and highlights of the fine folks behind the MPC’s IT Core.