Upgrading the Shared Conda Installation at ISRDI

A shared conda installation provides a multitude of benefits for an organization, but upgrading it can be a challenge. This is that journey.
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Code · DevCulture

GPL: Do We Need to Wait for the Courts?

Is there another way to resolve the ambiguity with the GPL that doesn't involve the courts?
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More Better Python: 10 Cool New (to me) Python Things

One of the sublime pleasures of Python is discovering newer, better ways at doing Python. Here are 10 I've discovered recently.
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Code · APIs

Reflections on Creating an API Program

As the IPUMS NHGIS Metadata and Data Extract APIs reach v1.0, this is a great time to look back and reflect on how we got here.
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Data · Visualization

Exploring the Weird World of IPUMS Data Availability

IPUMS aims to harmonize all the world's demographic data, but sometimes the data is just not there, leaving us with interesting user experience challenges as we help users discover when data is and isn't available.
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The home of IPUMS is the Institute for Social Research and Data Innovation, an interdisciplinary research center at the University of Minnesota. As a leading developer and disseminator of some of the world's largest demographic databases, we serve an audience of more than 50,000 researchers, policymakers, journalists, and data scientists around the globe.

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