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Slurping Up Excel Data on the Quick: Python, Pandas, and Pickle by Ben Klaas · February 14, 2017
If you have very large tables of data imprisoned in a vendor-locked Excel jail, consider setting them free by caching worksheets using Python+Pandas+Pickle.
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Excel VBA and Version Control by Jimm Domingo · May 19, 2016
The second post in the series about Team Unicorn Rainbows' work in the first round of MPC IT Shark Tank.
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Affirmatively Insecure: Chrome and SHA-1 Certificates by Brian Gottreu · June 1, 2015
SHA-1 is on the way out and being helped through the door by Google. Brian will show a way to find which SSL certificates still use SHA-1 signatures and how to prioritize their replacement.
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Importing Fixed Length Data Using Ruby (Part Two) by Colin Davis · May 7, 2015
A follow-up to my post discussing my 'hflr' Ruby gem for reading hierarchical data in FLR format, today I'll demonstrate how to combine 'hflr' with a simple importer class to load a database with the data.
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Migrating a Very Large Project from SVN to Git by Jayandra Pokharel · March 10, 2015
Jayandra shows us how to migrate a large, complex project from Subversion to Git.
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Docker: Ignoring the Whale in the Room by Dan Elbert · February 12, 2015
Chestnuts Roasting on 1000 CPUs by Jesse Erdmann · December 23, 2014
Ember for Rails Devs: Understanding How Ember Thinks by Jake Wellington · December 10, 2014
An introduction to Ember.js for devs who are used to thinking in Rails.
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Harmonizing Data at the MPC by Colin Davis · September 23, 2014
Optimizing for Developer Happiness: Migrating from Java to Ruby Without Missing a Beat by Marcus Peterson · September 9, 2014