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New Blog Platform, New Blog Look by Fran Fabrizio · July 2, 2015
We've updated the blog platform from WordPress to Jekyll (GitHub Pages)! We also took the opportunity to refresh the blog's look. Read more about the motivations for the switch.
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MPC IN THE NEWS: The Changing Demographics of Marriage in India by MPC IT · February 11, 2015
MPC IN THE NEWS: The Changing Face of America by MPC IT · October 22, 2014
MPC IN THE NEWS: Steve Ruggles, Wonkblog-Certified Data Wizard by MPC IT · September 22, 2014
MPC IN THE NEWS: Where We Came From and Where We Went, State by State by MPC IT · September 19, 2014
The folks at the NYT's Upshot recently did a piece charting how Americans have moved between states since 1900, using Census microdata obtained from, the MPC's longest running data project.
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MPC IN THE NEWS: Top 1 Percent: What Jobs Do They Have? by MPC IT · September 12, 2014
In this visualization from the Business section of the New York Times, IPUMS data was used to explore the profession of America's top 1%.
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Welcome! by MPC IT · September 2, 2014