High Performance Analysis of Big Spatial Data

Our own HPC specialist Ankit Soni and the TerraPop team presented their published article at the IEEE Big Data 2015 conference in Santa Clara earlier this month.

One of the biggest technical challenges of our TerraPop project is to build out platforms for the efficient computation and transformation of global-scale data, both spatial data (e.g. rasters) and microdata (e.g. census records). Since the inception of the project more than four years ago, the team has been leveraging existing work and building new custom tools to help move the state of the art forward in this area. This month, the team presented their work in a workshop at the IEEE Big Data 2015 conference.

The full text of “High Performance Analysis of Big Spatial Data” can be found here. MPC IT’s Ankit Soni, TerraPop’s HPC software developer, is one of the authors of the paper.

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