MPC IT New Year's Resolutions - Technical Debt Edition

In the spirit of the new year, we thought we’d share our technical debt reduction resolutions, 2015 edition!

In the spirit of the new year, we thought we’d share a partial list of what we hope to accomplish in 2015! These aren’t goals for our main projects, which each have their own list, but rather all of that technical debt that needs to be paid off. Without further ado, here are our Top 10 tech debt hopes and dreams for 2015!

  1. We’ll (finally) get all projects moved onto git and retire subversion.
  2. We’ll (finally) get all projects onto Jenkins and retire TeamCity.
  3. We will get to Rails 4 in time to start getting to Rails 5.
  4. Chef will become the lingua franca of IT Operations.
  5. The word Ruby will always be followed by a 2.x and not a 1.x. (ahem - JRuby 9000, we’re waiting on you…)
  6. We will refactor that spaghetti code JavaScript with a more thoughtful, structured approach (likely Ember)
  7. We’ll finish that monitoring and metrics framework and improve our real-time and trending data on how our systems are performing.
  8. We will implement a solution to dynamically scale our extract engines to meet demand and abolish wait queues!
  9. User consolidation and single-sign-on will be completed, and we’ll go live with our Shibboleth auth(entication|orization) environment across all major products.
  10. 2015 will be the year we’ll remember as the one where we finally made the transition to a distributed-first approach to computation!

It’s an ambitious list; it’s good to have lofty goals. But these are all real projects on our radar that we’ll be working on this year. In fact, we’re so serious about it, we’re seeking reinforcements! Anything on this list resonate with you? What are your goals for 2015? Let us know in the comments section.

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