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Retrieve the latest status of an extract request.

get_last_extract_info() is a convenience function to retrieve the most recent extract for a given collection.

To browse definitions of your previously submitted extract requests, see get_extract_history().

Learn more about the IPUMS API in vignette("ipums-api").


get_extract_info(extract, api_key = Sys.getenv("IPUMS_API_KEY"))

get_last_extract_info(collection = NULL, api_key = Sys.getenv("IPUMS_API_KEY"))



One of:

  • An ipums_extract object

  • The data collection and extract number formatted as a string of the form "collection:number" or as a vector of the form c("collection", number)

  • An extract number to be associated with your default IPUMS collection. See set_ipums_default_collection()

For a list of codes used to refer to each collection, see ipums_data_collections().


API key associated with your user account. Defaults to the value of the IPUMS_API_KEY environment variable. See set_ipums_api_key().


Character string of the IPUMS collection for which to retrieve extract history. Defaults to the current default collection, if it exists. See set_ipums_default_collection().

For a list of codes used to refer to each collection, see ipums_data_collections().


An ipums_extract object.

See also

get_extract_history() to browse past extract definitions

wait_for_extract() to wait for an extract to finish processing.

download_extract() to download an extract's data files.

save_extract_as_json() and define_extract_from_json() to share an extract definition.


my_extract <- define_extract_micro(
  collection = "usa",
  description = "2013-2014 ACS Data",
  samples = c("us2013a", "us2014a"),
  variables = c("SEX", "AGE", "YEAR")

if (FALSE) { # \dontrun{
submitted_extract <- submit_extract(my_extract)

# Get latest info for the request associated with a given `ipums_extract`
# object:
updated_extract <- get_extract_info(submitted_extract)


# Or specify the extract collection and number:
get_extract_info(c("usa", 1))

# If you have a default collection, you can use the extract number alone:

# To get the most recent extract (for instance, if you have forgotten its
# extract number), use `get_last_extract_info()`
} # }