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List IPUMS data collections with their corresponding codes used by the IPUMS API. Note that some data collections do not yet have API support.

Currently, ipumsr supports extract definitions for the following collections:

  • IPUMS USA ("usa")

  • IPUMS CPS ("cps")

  • IPUMS International ("ipumsi")

  • IPUMS NHGIS ("nhgis")

Learn more about the IPUMS API in vignette("ipums-api").




A tibble with four columns containing the full collection name, the type of data the collection provides, the collection code used by the IPUMS API, and the status of API support for the collection.


#> # A tibble: 14 × 4
#>    collection_name     collection_type code_for_api api_support
#>    <chr>               <chr>           <chr>        <lgl>      
#>  1 IPUMS USA           microdata       usa          TRUE       
#>  2 IPUMS CPS           microdata       cps          TRUE       
#>  3 IPUMS International microdata       ipumsi       TRUE       
#>  4 IPUMS NHGIS         aggregate data  nhgis        TRUE       
#>  5 IPUMS IHGIS         aggregate data  ihgis        FALSE      
#>  6 IPUMS ATUS          microdata       atus         FALSE      
#>  7 IPUMS AHTUS         microdata       ahtus        FALSE      
#>  8 IPUMS MTUS          microdata       mtus         FALSE      
#>  9 IPUMS DHS           microdata       dhs          FALSE      
#> 10 IPUMS PMA           microdata       pma          FALSE      
#> 11 IPUMS MICS          microdata       mics         FALSE      
#> 12 IPUMS NHIS          microdata       nhis         FALSE      
#> 13 IPUMS MEPS          microdata       meps         FALSE      
#> 14 IPUMS Higher Ed     microdata       highered     FALSE