Given an ipums_extract object, submit an extract request via the IPUMS API, and return a modified copy of the extract object with the newly-assigned extract number. For an overview of ipumsr microdata API functionality, see vignette("ipums-api", package = "ipumsr").

submit_extract(extract, api_key = Sys.getenv("IPUMS_API_KEY"))



An ipums_extract object.


API key associated with your user account. Defaults to the value of environment variable "IPUMS_API_KEY".


An ipums_extract object containing the extract definition and newly-assigned extract number of the submitted extract.


my_extract <- define_extract_usa("Example", "us2013a", "YEAR")

if (FALSE) {
# `submit_extract()` returns an ipums_extract object updated to include the
# extract number, so it is often useful to name the return object:
submitted_extract <- submit_extract(my_extract)

# If you didn't capture the return object of submit_extract for your most
# recent extract, you can recover that information with:
submitted_extract <- get_last_extract_info("usa")

# View the extract number

# Check if submitted extract is ready
is_extract_ready(submitted_extract) # returns TRUE or FALSE

# Or have R check periodically until the extract is ready
downloadable_extract <- wait_for_extract(submitted_extract)