The ipums_extract class provides a data structure for storing the definition and status of a submitted or unsubmitted IPUMS data extract, for the purpose of interacting with the IPUMS extract API.

It is a superclass encompassing all of the collection-specific extract classes.

All objects with class ipums_extract will also have a collection-specific subclass (e.g. usa_extract, cps_extract) to accommodate collection-specific differences in extract options and contents, but all these subclasses share similarities as described below.

For an overview of ipumsr microdata API functionality, see vignette("ipums-api", package = "ipumsr").

Properties of ipums_extract

Objects of class ipums_extract have:

  • A class attribute of the form c("<collection>_extract", "ipums_extract") (e.g. c("cps_extract", "ipums_extract")).

  • A base type of "list".

  • A names attribute that is a character vector the same length as the underlying list.

Behavior of ipums_extract

Objects of class ipums_extract: