New Online Course: Introduction to IPUMS PMA Data Analysis

Explore IPUMS PMA data with R right in your browser, or download Stata code for offline practice

Today, we’re proud to announce the launch of a brand new feature on the IPUMS PMA Data Analysis Hub: our very first online course!

Whether you’re a beginner-level data analyst exploring statistical software for the first time, or if you’re a more advanced analyst looking for a guided tour of IPUMS PMA data, we think our new Introduction to IPUMS PMA Data Analysis is a great place to start. Over time, we’ll add courses on more advanced topics in the new Courses menu in the navigation bar at the top of your screen.

We expect most people will probably need about an hour to complete the Introduction course, but you’re welcome to work at your own pace. You can also leave and resume your progress at any time.

Upon completion, we offer a downloadable certificate signed by the IPUMS PMA team, plus a script containing all of the code you mastered during the course.


IPUMS PMA data are free to use, and all of our online courses will be free, as well. To get started, you just need to register and agree to our Terms of Use.

We’ve created exercises for both R and Stata users, so you’ll need to choose a preferred language at the start of each course.

IPUMS PMA courses are hosted by Qualtrics, so you may need to deactive your browser’s ad blocker in order see course content. If you have any difficulties, please contact us!


If you see mistakes or want to suggest changes, please create an issue on the source repository.