Visualizing PMA Data with StoryMaps

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Five outstanding undergraduate research projects integrate dynamic data visualization with spatial analysis and narrative.

Matt Gunther (IPUMS PMA Senior Data Analyst)

When great new research gets published with PMA data, we like to share it with you in a PMA Publications post. Sometimes we’ll take a deep dive into the R code you can use to reproduce great analysis, but today we’ll take a look at a different tool that undergraduate students are using to learn about IPUMS PMA and other IPUMS Global Health data at the University of Minnesota.

This semester, students in the Global Health Survey Analysis course used an amazing tool called StoryMaps to develop interactive narratives exploring different topics related to family planning. StoryMaps have been used in both the undergraduate and graduate curriculum throughout the College of Liberal Arts and beyond - we encourage you to check out the full gallery of student projects here!

Thanks to course professors Elizabeth Boyle and Kathryn Grace for sharing this great work!

Attainment of Sex Preference in India

Author: Lara Rae Erdmann

Intimate Partner Violence and Body Weight

Author: Jaclyn Willems

Higher Probability that Women Report IPV

Author: Peyton Retterath

Empowered Women Raise Healthy Children

Author: Kassandra Fate

Wealth and Healthcare can Save Pregnant Women

Author: Hana al’Absi


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