Read text formatted codebooks provided by some IPUMS extract systems such as NHGIS and Terra Area-level extracts in a format analogous to the DDIs available for other projects.

read_ipums_codebook(cb_file, data_layer = NULL)



Filepath to the codebook (either the .zip file directly downloaded from the website, or the path to the unzipped .txt file).


dplyr select-style notation for uniquely identifying the data layer to load. Required for reading from .zip files for extracts with multiple files.


A ipums_ddi object with information on the variables included in the csv file of a NHGIS extract.

See also

Other ipums_metadata: read_ipums_ddi()


# Example NHGIS extract
nhgis_file <- ipums_example("")
ddi <- read_ipums_codebook(nhgis_file)