About MPC IT

The MPC’s IT Core is a team of 24 developers and sysadmins who collectively build all of the systems required to produce and disseminate the many MPC data products. That includes everything from parallelized data transformation pipelines, metadata management systems, high-performance data extract builders, and of course the websites which deliver the data to our user community.


Just about all of those systems are built using open source tools. Ruby on Rails, Jruby, Python, Perl, MySQL, PostgreSQL, PostGIS, Apache Httpd, Passenger, Ubuntu Linux and Chef are some of the mainstays of our technology stack, and lately we’ve been playing with technologies like Apache Spark, Scala, Amazon Redshift and Impala.


Our team is a diverse group. We’re polyglot: we have production code written in Ruby, Python, Perl, C/C++, Java, Scala, SQL, PL/pgSQL and more. Some of us are polyglot in the other sense of the word, too - collectively, we can get by in English, Spanish, German, Italian, Latin, Vietnamese, and French. Some of us have traditional CS backgrounds, but we also count biologists, civil engineers, regional planners and anthropologists among our ranks. And outside of the office we bike, run, homebrew, photograph, make honey, play softball, collect vinyl and do civic hacking.

Collaboration and Community

We try hard to make MPC IT a fun and rewarding place to work. Whether it’s a Friday code hunker, a summer BBQ or helping each other practice our conference presentations, we work in a spirit of collaboration and community while building the systems that users around the world rely upon.